Stop searching for clients.

We know the pain of finding clients. That's why we created instareacher. A tool that finds your next client or costumer in seconds.

..but how?

We scrape and categories thousands of accounts, both x and instagram accounts to find people that are likely to be interested in the product / service you are selling. This enables you to take direct contact with the client and offer a more personalized onboarding experience, or even personalized offers.

Whats included?

Get started in 30 seconds

  • 🔎Client finder
  • ✅Account scanner
  • 📝Export list of clients to csv
  • 💌Send personalized messages
  • 💻Dashboard to manage results
  • ✅No subscription

Learn the process

How it works behind the scenes.

Stage 1: Define Your Ideal Customer

You write the categories that represent your ideal customer.

Stage 2: AI-Powered Account Scanning

Our bots automatically scan through and categorize thousands of accounts based on images, bio, and location.

Stage 3: Manage And View The Results

The best and most fitting accounts goes into a dashboard where you can manage them.

Stage 4: AI Generated Pitch

Utilizing AI, we automatically generate a personalized sales pitch that incorporates the individual's name, location, images, biography, and connections.

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